Day 1

September 12

10:00–10:15 Welcome session

Dávid Bartus, Vice-Dean

Judit Bóna, Conference Chair


Session Chair: Alexandra Markó


10:15–11:00 Invited Speaker 1: Helena Moniz: Processing disfluencies in distinct speaking styles: idiosyncrasies and transversality


Theme: Production models 1

11:00–11:30                           Kikuo Maekawa: Five pieces of evidence suggesting large lookahead in spontaneous monologue

11:30–12:00                           Simon Betz & Loulou Kosmala: Fill the silence! Basics for modelling hesitation

12:00–12:30                           Hong Zhang: Variation in the choice of filled pause: A language change, or a variation in meaning?


12:30–14:00 Lunch (included in the registration fee)


Session Chair: Judit Kormos


Theme: Production and perception

14:00–14:30                           Ralph L. Rose: The structural signalling effect of silent and filled pauses

14:30–15:00                           Iulia Grosman, Anne Catherine Simon, & Liesbeth Degand: Empathetic hearers perceive repetitions as less disfluent, especially in non-broadcast situations

15:00–15:30                           Dorottya Gyarmathy & Viktória Horváth: Pausing strategies with regard to speech style


15:30–16:00 Coffee (included in the registration fee)


Session Chair: Mária Gósy

Theme: Applied linguistics (second language acquisition and speech technology)

16:00–16:30                           Shungo Suzuki & Judit Kormos: The effects of read-aloud assistance on second language oral fluency in text summary speech

16:30–17:00                           Kata Baditzné Pálvölgyi: Hesitation patterns in the Spanish spontaneous speech of Hungarian learners of Spanish

17:00–17:30                           Charlotte Bellinghausen, Thomas Fangmeier, Bernhard Schröder, Johanna Keller, Susanne Drechsel, Peter Birkholz, Ludger Tebartz van Elst, Andreas Riedel: On the role of disfluent speech for uncertainty in articulatory speech synthesis


18:00 Welcome Drink (included in the registration fee)


Day 2

September 13


Session Chair: Kikuo Maekawa


10:00–10:45 Invited Speaker 2: Mária Gósy: Halt command in word retrieval


Theme: Production models 2

10:45–11:15                           Michiko Watanabe, Yusaku Korematsu, & Yuma Shirahata: “Uh” is preferred by male speakers in informal presentations in American English

11:15–11:45                           Vered Silber-Varod, Mária Gósy, & Robert Eklund: Segment prolongation in Hebrew

11:45–12:15                           Thanaporn Anansiripinyo & Chutamanee Onsuwan: Acoustic-phonetic characteristics of Thai filled pauses in monologues


12:15–14:00 Lunch (included in the registration fee)


Session Chair: Michiko Watanabe


Theme: Age specific characteristics of disfluencies

14:00–14:30                           Linda Taschenberger, Outi Tuomainen, & Valerie Hazan: Disfluencies in spontaneous speech in easy and adverse communicative situations: the effect of age

14:30–15:00                           Valéria Krepsz: Vowel lengthening – Effect of position, age, and phonological quantity

15:00–15:30                           Mária Laczkó: Characteristics of disfluencies in teenagers’ spontaneous speech and topic based narratives created during the lessons

15:30–16:00                           Borbála Keszler & Judit Bóna: Pausing and disfluencies in elderly speech: Longitudinal case studies



16:00–16:30 Coffee (included in the registration fee)


Session Chair: Ágnes Jordanidisz

Theme: Applied linguistics (interpreting and clinical linguistics)

16:30–17:00                           Mária Bakti: Error type disfluencies in consecutively interpreted and spontaneous monolingual Hungarian speech

17:00–17:30                           Johanna Pap: Effects of speech rate changes on pausing and disfluencies in cluttering

17:30–18:00                           Julianna Jankovics & Luca Garai: Disfluencies in mildly intellectually disabled young adults’ spontaneous speech


19:00 Sightseeing and dinner (additional fee)




Special Day

September 14


Session Chair: Vered Silber-Varod


9:30–10:15 Invited Speaker 3: Melissa A. Redford: Implications of a developmental approach for understanding spoken language production


10:15–10:45                           Ivana Didirkova, Christelle Dodane, & Sascha Diwersy: The role of disfluencies in language acquisition and development of syntactic complexity in children

10:45–11:15                           Viktória Horváth & Valéria Krepsz: Filled pauses in children’s spontaneous speech – aspects from timing and complexity

11:15–11:45                           Mária Gósy: Filler words in children’s and adults’ spontaneous speech


12:00–13:30 Lunch (included in the registration fee)


Session Chair: Ralph L. Rose


13:30–14:00                           Yi-Fen Liu & Shu-Chuan Tseng: Use of words in story-telling data of Chinese-speaking hearing and hearing-impaired children

14:00–14:30                           Alexandra Markó, Tamás Gábor Csapó, Márton Bartók, Tekla Etelka Gráczi, & Andrea Deme:Patterns of lingual CV coarticulation in Hungarian children’s speech: The case of stops

14:30–15:00                           Mária Laczkó: Characteristics of disfluences in teenagers’ spontaneous speech and topic based narratives created during school lessons


15:00–15:30 Coffee (included in the registration fee)


Session Chair: Viktória Horváth

15:30–16:00                           Judit Bóna: Self-monitoring in children’s speech

16:00–16:30                           Tímea Vakula & Éva Szennay: Speech rate and pausing in schoolchildren’s speech

16:30–17:00                           Ágnes Jordanidisz, Orsolya Mihály, & Judit Bóna: Temporal aspects of disfluencies in picture-elicited story telling before and after intervention during the dynamic assessment of children’s narrative skills


17:00–17:10                           Closing session